Moving with Children

Moving is stressful for anyone, but when moving with children it can truly be difficult. Children generally do not welcome the idea of moving, especially if they are school aged. In fact, moving can be a traumatic event in their lives. Take some extra steps to reduce the stress and make relocating as much fun as possible for all involved. The following tips can help:

• Once you make the decision to move, go online to research the area you will be moving to. Think about your children’s interests and find a few things about or in the area that you know your children would like. Then gather as much enthusiasm as you can and tell your children about the move. If you sound excited, your children will pick up on it and may even feel a bit excited, too.

• Keep in mind that moving can be a scary and depressing time for your children, regardless of their age. They must leave their friends behind and make new ones. They will leave their familiar school and neighborhood for new, unfamiliar territory. They feel a mix of emotions and may act out. Do your best to be patient and understanding.

• When you feel stressed, your children will notice and it will increase the emotions they feel. Take extra steps to reduce your level of stress throughout the moving process.

• Involve your children in the move preparation. Ask for their opinions about new homes. Once you know what schools they will attend visit the school website(s) and point out anything your kids might consider positive.

• If your children are old enough to do so, encourage them to sort through and pack their own belongings.

• Plan a yard sale and let your children keep the money from their items sold, or decide together on one purchase the family will make with all money brought in from the sale.

• Don’t force your children to throw away or sell items they seem adamant about keeping, even if it is a broken toy. It would be better to allow them to keep the items until after the move if it helps them retain a bit of familiarity.

• Plan a going away party for your children’s friends. Make the party festive.

• Ask family and friends for help with young children as you pack for the move. You will get more accomplished and feel less stressed if your children are not under foot.

• When you arrive in your new home, unpack the children’s room(s) first. The quicker they feel settled and surrounded by their familiar belongings the less stressful everyone will feel