Moving Tips

Some useful moving tips:
• You will need to be present during packing and loading to answer questions and to give directions to the

• For safety your pets must be confined during the move. The crew will be in and out of your home
   numerous times until the service is complete.

• Take a few minutes to walk around with the team leader to check what goes and what stays and please
   mention which items need special attention. When the crew is finished, make a final walkthrough with
   the team leader -- Don’t forget to check the drawers and cupboards!

• Separate the items you will be taking in your luggage as well as your travel documents and valuable
   items such as jewelry. You will be surprised how many passports get packed!

• Leave the packing of the fragile and/or breakable items to the professionals.

• Shipments are almost always checked at the destination. So don’t hide anything!

• Keep in mind that it takes a few weeks for the shipment to arrive at the destination and that you will be
   needing some basic items to get you through. Make sure to put them aside to be taken in your luggage.

• Take important items and documents in your hand luggage (keys, documents, passports, tickets,
   certificates, money, birth/marriage certificate etc.)

• Carefully read the information on the inventory and all other completed documents before you sign them.

• Please keep us informed of both your temporary and new address

• Take along a first aid kit

• Arrange enough medication for at least two weeks and just to be safe, bring along copies of prescriptions

• Keep the locking-pins for the dryer and washer at hand

• Make pictures of all valuables

• Do you still have the original boxes of electronic devices?

• Will you be needing a transformer?

• Check the voltage at your destination in order to avoid taking items you will not be able to use

• Do not pack paints, bleach and or pressurized canisters

• Do not pack any open bottles of cleaning materials, liquids and or alcohol

• We will be able to assist you with a pump for your waterbed. If the instructions are no longer available the
   handling, folding, packing and transport will be at customers own risk

• You will need a kennel and applicable documents if you are planning on taking your pet along.

• If you are able to move at any time of the year, don’t wait until summer when children are out of school.
   The summer months are the "peak”-moving moving season. In addition, the first and last few days of the
   month are extra busy.

Depending on your destination we will be able to supply you with the valid customs regulations for importing your pet.